Wine On Mars, Kinda

This #TravelTuesday, we’re going to Mars! ?☄️ Jk there’s no wine that comes from Mars. ?In northwest Argentina ??, though, a high-altitude wine region sits at 6,000 ft above sea-level, where the province of Salta looks otherworldly.

High-altitude vineyards get more direct and concentrated sunlight, dramatic temperature shifts and exceptional drainage, which produces a strong tannic and acidic product expressive of its wild terroir. To put things into perspective, vines at elevations between 4,000 and 9,000 ft experience blizzard-like climate. This reminds us of a quote by @junerodil during a #SXSW panel this year: “If your grape doesn’t struggle, your wine is shit.” ???

The good news is you need not trek the mountainous terrain of Argentina, as @theAustinWineMerchant carries the following two high-altitude beauties for your to enjoy.

?Amalaya Malbec – $17
?Amalaya Torrontes, Riesling – $10

?: @chasingthevine