Al Campo

Here’s one of the many reasons we love Marfa ? so, so much. While we were having ? @pizzafoundation last week, we posted a story (alwayzzz gram the ‘za). The owner saw it immediately and gave us a tip to swing by @alcampomarfa, a brand new ? wine garden ? that was slated to open any day. Feeling disappointed that we were only in town for a day, we drove by to get a peek at least and ran into a man named Tatanka (yes, for real!)–one of the owners. He talked to us for all of 2 mins before he invited us to their friends & family night that evening. Can I get an ‘amen’ for Texas hospitality ? and good old fashioned word of mouth?!


We know @thunderbirdmarfa ⚡️ has been around for a while, but we’re so glad we finally got to stay here! (We usually stay in Fort Davis.) We were smitten ? with the hotel’s restaurant, @caprimarfa, which is gorgeous! We had some shrimp chicharrones with chile and even ?some @pedernalescellars ?on the wine list! We also could’ve sipped beverages poolside ⛱ forever, as we caught up on summer reading. Definitely a taste of the good life here!

Big Bend Country

Who needs a wine ? when you have the Texas heat? ? See exhibit A, where the cork on the bottle we took with us to photograph at sunset foiled our plans. ( ?Get it? Bc it went through the foil? ? ) This made us so thankful that we decided against bringing a bottle from our @dandypinktx stash but at least repp’ed with swag at Santa Elena Canyon! ??
And we were happy to see that even in the tiniest ghost town of Terlingua (population:58, near Big Bend), we spotted some other Texas wines from @mcphersoncellars@llanowine, and @messina_hof. ¡Viva Terlingua!