Let’s be honest. When you go to the grocery store and want to buy wine, it can be intimidating and really just mysterious, unless you already know what varietals, regions, or producers you like. But even then, what if you want to try something new? I’m sure nothing will surprise you less, but #theresanappforthat. @vivino is a free app where you take a picture of the wine bottle label, and it searches a database to pull up the average price of the wine, ratings, reviews, where you can buy it, grapes used, food pairings, and more. I’ve been trying it out and have been impressed that it has been able to find every wine so far. Even though opinions are not always reliable, particularly for wine, I think it’s a good directional resource. I like that the app will save wines you’ve looked up the best, in case you ever need to go back to something (I have a terrible memory). Because it’s Monday, y’all. And you need to be buying bottles.