ICYMI, Chris Brundrett with @williamchrisvineyards and Rae Wilson with @wineforthepeople and @dandypinktx joined Mark Rashap on today’s installment of ‘Another Bottle Down’ on KOOP Radio. ??They were on to discuss HB 1514, which is a bill that has been put forth in the Texas legislature ? to enforce wine labeling standards that would require wines labeled as Texas to use 100% Texas grapes ?. This is the standard for other states like California and Oregon, and certainly for the very well-known and respected wine regions around the world. If you want to support Truth in Labeling or just learn more about it, go to realtexaswine.org, and the podcast will be posted tonight on the lluminatedbottle.com. It’s probably something you never think about, but legitimizing Texas wine supports Texas farmers and will give greater meaning to Texas terroir. I’m for that! ??